La metodología que orienta la modalidad de formación bajo entornos virtuales en la Federación Internacional de Fe y Alegría, se fundamenta en los principios de la Educación Popular. Su aplicación en todas las acciones formativas es fundamental para ser fieles a la identidad de Fe y Alegría, al compromiso de ofrecer una educación transformadora desde los escenarios políticos, sociales, económicos y culturales de los educandos.

We are simply starting to find out about the writing procedure. For some, instructors, writing is just a translating procedure that creates a push uct on paper. This item is then evaluated by the instructor of English, set apart with a red pen, and came back to the student for conceivable correc-tion or amendment. This way to deal with instructing writing has not demonstrated to be powerful. Through the spearheading work of James Britton, Janet Emig, and others, we are figuring out how to view writing as a complex mental procedure — a procedure that can be utilized by educators as an incredible asset to upgrade learning in every single branch of knowledge. Writing ought to be an indispensable piece of any instructional program. Tragically, outside the English homeroom, most instructors give just constrained writing chances to their students, normally as note-taking or a periodic paper inquiry on a test. Writing can do considerably more. Appropriately utilized, it can turn into the absolute most integral asset an instructor can utilize. The writing to learn approach is adequately settled to warrant examination by all auxiliary school instructors. This informative post is expected to assist instructors with comprehension and actualize the writing to learn approach. The methodology doesn't take time from guidance; it upgrades and explains instructional substance. It energizes student thought and the blend of information in the substance territories. The methodology doesn't request that different leachers carry out the responsibility of the English educator; it isn't planned to show just writing aptitudes. In any case, the methodology can pay huge profits in the nature of learning. The aftereffect of the methodology is improved learning, not simply improved writing.